Susannah Luthi


Susannah Luthi covers health policy and politics in Congress for Modern Healthcare. Most recently, Luthi covered health reform and the Affordable Care Act exchanges for Inside Health Policy. She returned to journalism from a stint abroad exporting vanilla in Polynesia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Classics and journalism from Hillsdale College in Michigan and a master’s in professional writing from the University of Southern California.

Alex Azar<br>
HHS secretary nominee

Mr. Azar goes back to Washington

January 13, 2018

Times have changed since former George W. Bush administration official Alex Azar last served at HHS. This time, elements are in place for Azar to undertake a healthcare overhaul of his own.

CHIP funding expected to pass next week

January 11, 2018

The GOP tax overhaul's repeal of the individual mandate has unexpectedly saved the Children's Health Insurance Program at the 11th hour as lawmakers appear to come to terms on a new funding plan.

Insurers wait on Federal Circuit to determine fate of risk-corridor payments

January 10, 2018

The Federal Circuit's ultimate decision on whether the federal government must fulfill risk-corridor payments could affect billions of dollars in unpaid claims. Insurers claim the government legally can't default on its obligation to make the payments when Congress takes away the money stream.

Humana officially leaves AHIP

January 10, 2018

Humana officially ended its membership in America's Health Insurance Plans just before the start of 2018. The insurer was inactive in America's Health Insurance Plans for most of 2017.


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