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Interactive Data Products

To complement its analytical news reports, Modern Healthcare now offers a comprehensive suite of interactive databases where subscribers can download actionable information tailored to meet their own needs. The interactive databases offer individualized data for the digital age. The easy-to-use dropdown menus allow subscribers to search and sort information by city, state or region; by year; by company or institution; and by a wide range of compensation, financial and quality and safety indicators.

The Financial Database

Modern Healthcare's financial database aggregates key information from the audited annual and quarterly financial statements filed by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems across the country. Data is provided for both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare institutions. The data is searchable and sortable by city, state and region; by size; by year; and reports up to 19 financial data points.

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The Mergers & Acquisitions Database

Modern Healthcare's M&A database provides a list of all deals announced each quarter in four different healthcare industry sectors -- insurers, pharma and biotech, providers, and vendors. The searchable interface allows users to locate deals according to their timing, sector, location, involved parties and/or deal type. If available, the deal value is also included. The data can be searched by quarter or by year or in aggregate going back to 2012.

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The Executive Compensation Database

Modern Healthcare's executive compensation database provides users with the latest available information on base and total compensation of each of the five highest-paid executives from 175 not-for-profit hospital systems in the U.S. Gleaned from each systems' most recently filed IRS Form 990s, the data is available for comparison across years and includes all C-suite titles.

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The Lobbying Database

Modern Healthcare's lobbying database includes the 2013 lobbying expenditures of 92 of the largest U.S. healthcare companies and organizations across five sectors -- drug/device, hospitals/other providers, insurers, medical professionals, and patient advocacy. Data available through the searching and sorting functions gives users the ability to identify what organizations are paying for lobbying purposes, as well as which contract lobbyists are working on behalf of each sector and company.

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The Hospital Quality & Safety Databases

Modern Healthcare's hospital quality and safety databases provide users with the most recent outcomes data for over 4,000 U.S. hospitals. There are currently two available:

  1. Based on CMS' annual penalties and rewards for Value-Based Purchasing, users may search, view and download individual, city, state or all hospitals' percentage increase or decrease of overall Medicare reimbursement for FY2013-15.
  2. Based on eight measures from Medicare's Hospital Compare, users may search, view and download individual, city, state or all hospitals' overall percentage of patients readmitted after 30 days, as well as performance on seven more mortality and readmissions indicators for specific medical conditions
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