CMS seeks to automate hospice selection process

The CMS will change an enrollment policy that prevented hospices from being reimbursed for nearly 90,000 days of end-of-life care for Medicare beneficiaries. That amounted to more than $14 million in lost revenue.

CMS posts hospice payment data. But how reliable is it?

The new data will allow for more precise breakdowns of CMS' spending on hospice beneficiaries by provider, patient demographics and other characteristics. It is being released at a time when the accessibility and reliability of other spending data from the agency are being questioned.

Blog: Behind the documentary that tackles end-of-life care

Blog: Behind the documentary that tackles end-of-life care

For most hospital administrators, the idea of allowing filmmakers to roam the halls of the ICU is probably no more appealing than getting into the nitty-gritty of their compensation. But uncomfortable situations can yield powerful results.


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