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Health Care Hall of Fame - 2005

Hall of Fame: A quiet approach

By Neil McLaughlin  |  March 14, 2005

These are times of polarization and bluster.Turn on your television and you'll be assaulted by the noise of politicians and pundits screaming at each other. Many of our political and corporate chieftains think swagger and intimidation are the keys to leadership. The military strategy of divide and conquer has been adopted as the imperative for domestic discourse.But there is another way. This year's inductees into the Health Care Hall of Fame, sponsored by Modern Healthcare, have built careers on consensus and inclusion. Unlike the belligerent gasbags on TV or in the corporate...

Hall of Fame: Promoting ethics, equality

By Ed Finkel  |  March 14, 2005

Stuart Wesbury Jr. skated across pharmacy, hospital administration and academia before gliding for a dozen years as president of the American College of Healthcare Executives. When he describes his career as a "sheet of thin ice," Wesbury is quick to note he's not using the metaphor in the usual sense."I'm not trying to lay out any danger but just (to describe) that thin layer of being able to move across leadership roles in a whole set of different (industry) segments," he says. "I was fortunate to be able to slip from one environment to another, with an opportunity to run each...

Hall of Fame: Lifetime of leadership

By Ed Finkel  |  March 14, 2005

Scott Parker always knew he wanted to lead hospitals. But he never envisioned spending 23 years as the founding president of one of the first and most successful integrated healthcare delivery systems and becoming a national and international leader during challenging times for the profession."I wish I knew. It's a mystery to me," Parker says, when asked how his ambitions evolved. "You look back at the end of your time of service and say, `the heavens aligned from the beginning'. ... It's just a gradual progression of opportunities that come."Colleagues and friends from Salt Lake...

Hall of Fame: Judges

March 14, 2005

A distinguished panel of judges selected the 2005 inductees to the Health Care Hall of Fame. The 11 people who participated in the deliberations represent a variety of organizations associated with the healthcare industry.Thomas ChapmanPresident, chief executive officerHSC Foundation,WashingtonRichard ClarkePresident, chief executive officerHealthcare Financial ManagementAssociation,Westchester, Ill.Thomas DolanPresident, chief executive officerAmerican College ofHealthcare Executives,ChicagoEdward EckenhoffPresident, chief executive...


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