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A comprehensive suite of databases
  • Search, sort, filter and download tailored, actionable information

These powerful tools feature easy-to-use dropdown menus to search and sort information on a wide range of compensation, financial and quality and safety indicators by company or institution; by city, state or region; and by year or quarter. All downloadable into Excel.

Database:  Hospital Quality & Safety

The latest performance and outcomes data for more than 3,500 U.S. hospitals, based on measures designed and reported by CMS. Includes CMS' annual 30-day readmissions penalties; value-based purchasing penalties and rewards; hospital-acquired conditions and patient satisfaction scores; and eight key measures from Hospital Compare.

Database:  Health System Financials

The database contains several financial variables for more than 400 hospital systems drawn from quarterly and audited annual financial statements, both not-for-profit and for-profit.

Database:  Medicare Payments

Modern Healthcare's Medicare Payment database shows total payments to more than 61,000 labs, ambulance services and other organizations that supply services to Medicare beneficiaries.

Database:  Mergers & acquisitions

Lists all deals announced each quarter in four different healthcare industry sectors — insurers, pharma and biotech, providers, and vendors. Allows users to locate deals according to buyer or target, sector, location, deal type and deal value if available; by quarter, year or aggregated since 2012.

Database:  Not-for-profit Executive Compensation

Base and total compensation for highest-paid executives at not-for-profit hospital systems and other healthcare organizations. The data are gleaned from systems' IRS Form 990s. Compare C-suite, administrative titles and highly paid physicians across the years.

Database:  Physician Compensation

Lists average salaries paid physicians in 23 specialties, based on data from a survey of compensation consulting firms, conducted annually since 2010. It is searchable by specialty, year and consulting firm.


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