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EHR vendors most in-use throughout Medicare incentive program

November 16, 2019

A list of the nation's top 20 largest EHR vendors, ranked by a cumulative number of providers who declared the vendor's product throughout the duration of the Medicare EHR Incentive program. Source: Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, “EHR Developers Reported by...

Biggest spenders in healthcare lobbying, 2019

November 09, 2019

A list of 25 healthcare organizations ranked by lobbying expenditures for the first three quarters of 2019. Source: and the Center for Responsive Politics. Published Nov. 11, 2019.

Largest U.S. healthcare marketing agencies, 2019

November 02, 2019

A list of the nation's 20 largest healthcare public relations and marketing agencies, ranked by U.S. revenue in 2018. Source: Ad Age Datacenter, Agency Report 2019. Published Nov. 4, 2019, p. 34.

Largest patient-satisfaction measurement firms: 2019

October 26, 2019

The results of Modern Healthcare's fourteenth annual Patient Satisfaction Measurement Firms Survey. It ranks the nation's 15 largest patient-satisfaction measurement firms by total number of clients in 2018. Source: Modern Healthcare's fourteenth annual Patient Satisfaction Measurement Firms...

Most profitable not-for-profit healthcare systems, 2019

October 19, 2019

A list of the nation's 20 most profitable not-for-profit hospital systems, ranked by total operating income for fiscal 2018. Source: Modern Healthcare's Health Systems Financials database. Published October 19, 2019, p. 34.

Largest business graduate programs for physician-executives, 2019

October 12, 2019

A list of the nation's largest business graduate schools for physician-executives, ranked by number of full-time students enrolled in the 2018-19 year. Source: Modern Healthcare's 17th annual survey of business graduate schools. Published October 14, 2019, p. 34.

Largest post-acute care companies, 2019

October 05, 2019

An online-exclusive, extended list of the nation's 30 largest post-acute-care companies, ranked by 2018 net revenue. Source: Modern Healthcare's 20th annual Post-Acute Care Survey, Modern Healthcare Metrics and Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Published Oct. 7, 2019, p. 38.

Largest health workforce grants, 2019

September 28, 2019

A list of 20 programs who received the largest health workforce grants awarded by the HRSA in 2019. Source: Health Resources & Services Administration. Published Sept. 30, 2019.

Largest healthcare construction projects in 2019

August 31, 2019

The top 25 largest healthcare construction projects in 2019 are ranked in this listing by total project dollar value. Source: BuildCentral. Published September 2, 2019, pg. 34.


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